Ant’s-Eye View



I am desperate because
God All-Powerful refuses
to do what is right.
As surely as God lives,

Job speaks as if he knows what God is thinking. He assumes that the “right” thing to do would be to remove the suffering Job is experiencing and fix all that has broken in his life.

I’ve felt that way before. And I’ve definitely heard people speak like that: “I could never believe a loving God would do this… or allow this… God wrongly did that…”
This are dangerous statements to make. How could an ant ever speak into the validity of the actions of humans? Not that all we do is right, not by a long stretch, but that doesn’t mean an ant has any context for our actions. It’s view and understanding of the world is so tiny and narrow compared to ours, it just can’t compare.
In the same way, how can a human presume to tell God that He is doing something wrong? Especially when we know God to be loving and care for us. If God cares, should we not assume that he has a reason for allowing the things that happen?
Even more so…who are we to declare that any calamity that falls on us is not well-deserved? Job was a righteous man. But he is still a sinful human. He isn’t perfect. That applies both to his guilt, in that he is never innocent, and to his perspective, in that he can never see all of what God sees.

God help me. Help me to be more mindful of your greatness, and not take my relationship with you for granted. You are good, no matter what my circumstance is. Thank you for that. You are far more than I deserve. Amen.


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