I’m a kid at heart. This look on my daughter’s face sums up how I feel about Christmas. I love it.


I love the time of year with the cold and the snow. I love the decorations and the general idea people start to get about thinking of each other a little bit.


I love presents and all the gift-giving. I love it when my kids get to open a fun new toy. And I even love it when they don’t care about any of the other gifts because they opened one that is fun to play with right now.


But, most of all, I love the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus in so many ways. There are songs on the radio and on tv. The church gets decorated, and we get to put out all of our nativity sets(flawed as they are with wise men at the birth…).


I think some of the Christmas worship songs are better than any other songs we do all year. And I am thankful for yet another amazing Christmas. Another year of grace and mercy from God, in the form of his Son. Hallelujah. The King was born!


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