Everyday it’s You I live for;

Everyday, I’ll follow after You;

Everyday, I’ll walk with You my Lord;


Everyday? Try once a week. Same amount of syllables. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, though. But everyday is a lot! I mean, I was tired today. My head hurts. I’m pretty sure something I ate is trying to kill me. The babies wouldn’t sleep. I have a to-do list that could wrap around the Earth a few times. And I have this whole marriage thing to attend to (thankfully, I have a gracious and understanding wife). I have all of this everyday. Where am I supposed to have time to spend with God? Especially that meaningful, quiet time that is the important, life-changing kind.

I am at church a lot. But like I always tell the students, being at church really doesn’t mean anything. You need to be there, but that can’t be it. I even read my Bible a lot. But it’s more for sermon prep, or teaching, or in response to a question, than it is for my own benefit and relationship with God. And I pray. Pretty much everyday. But not like I could. God knows there is a depth to prayer that I haven’t touched on all that often lately.

I must confess, everyday is a bit of an overstatement for me. The kind of everyday that is in the song: I live for You everyday? Walk with You everyday? Follow You everyday? I think this is talking about something deeper than praying over meals and reading about the message. But, I also have a gracious God who wants to restore that deep, daily relationship with me. So, I am pushing on again toward heaven with the intent of reading regularly, praying deeply, listening openly, and seeking endlessly.

I will sing this song as a reminder of my commitment. I want to live for GOD everyday. And I know that in saying that, I’m on my way.


One thought on “Everyday?

  1. we sang that song at church on sunday. I really have to think about what i sing sometimes to make sure that i’m not offering up a b.s. sacrifice in vain. moreover, the church routine, the job routine, and the social routine. there’s more to it than the normal run of the mill right? souls, eternity, a Father and his lost children, and of course, we, the bridge.

    way to keep the heart it check, man. stay up.

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