Everyday it’s You I live for;

Everyday, I’ll follow after You;

Everyday, I’ll walk with You my Lord;


Everyday? Try once a week. Same amount of syllables. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, though. But everyday is a lot! I mean, I was tired today. My head hurts. I’m pretty sure something I ate is trying to kill me. The babies wouldn’t sleep. I have a to-do list that could wrap around the Earth a few times. And I have this whole marriage thing to attend to (thankfully, I have a gracious and understanding wife). I have all of this everyday. Where am I supposed to have time to spend with God? Especially that meaningful, quiet time that is the important, life-changing kind.

I am at church a lot. But like I always tell the students, being at church really doesn’t mean anything. You need to be there, but that can’t be it. I even read my Bible a lot. But it’s more for sermon prep, or teaching, or in response to a question, than it is for my own benefit and relationship with God. And I pray. Pretty much everyday. But not like I could. God knows there is a depth to prayer that I haven’t touched on all that often lately.

I must confess, everyday is a bit of an overstatement for me. The kind of everyday that is in the song: I live for You everyday? Walk with You everyday? Follow You everyday? I think this is talking about something deeper than praying over meals and reading about the message. But, I also have a gracious God who wants to restore that deep, daily relationship with me. So, I am pushing on again toward heaven with the intent of reading regularly, praying deeply, listening openly, and seeking endlessly.

I will sing this song as a reminder of my commitment. I want to live for GOD everyday. And I know that in saying that, I’m on my way.

Winter Camp 2011 reflections

Man, what a great camp! Pinecrest was awesome! And even though it may seem odd to attend winter camp in March, we did it, and did it well. :]

From start to finish this was a really amazing experience. I saw students hanging out and getting to know each other better. We had a good time in the van, making jokes, playing games, and generally wreaking havoc on each other on the way up. The girls had a stereo in their vehicle, so they just listened to music. We slid on the ice, both on purpose and accidentally. We played in the snow, threw snowballs, and sledded down the snow. We worshiped, fellowshiped, friendship-ed, sail-on-a-ship-ed, and hung out a bit. We heard amazing teaching, played incredible games, and laughed heartily. God spoke, we listened. I spoke, no one listened! (haha!) We had a blast!

Sledding in the mud was kind of ridiculous, but we did it.

Several of our students went up for altar calls.

If you missed it, all I can say is . . . sad. Sad for you. But we love you anyway!

Keep an eye out for the video coming soon!

Be rad!