LIT All Nite

No sleep. Games, food, all nite long,

LIT All Nite was our name for our lock-in/overnighter event here at His Place Church and LIT Youth!

We got to take over the building on a Sunday night, since Monday was a school holiday. That meant from 7pm to 9am we were playing, talking, running, and generally doing anything but sleeping.

We started with playing a sort of charades-ish game. It’s hard to explain, but fun to play.

Later, we set up a PS3 with Rockband 2, and a Wii. Good times! Nick is killer on the drums!

More time was spent eating pizza and snacks, along with games of spoons, board games and other fun. (My team rocked at Cranium!)

Just after midnight, we got everyone together for a game of sardines. It’s like hide-and-seek, only you hide with the person you find, packing in like a bunch of sardines! Amazing. Props to Dominic for hiding behind the tabernacle and getting kicked and smacked while people searched in the dark.

The remaining hours were spent watching movies, battling with finger-light-sabers, talking, more spoons, yelling, running, and sitting up to avoid sleep. We only had a few casualties to the war with sleep. Well done, students! (Probably next time, we’ll all get some sleep. I didn’t hear anyone NOT complaining about being tired by 8am!)

We finished well at 730 with OJ and McD’s breakfast sandwiches. Nothing like greasy sausage to make you regret being up for that long.

LIT All-Nite was an amazing time! Thanks for making the night awesome!

What were your favorite moments?


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