Where is God? – PB life journal 11.2.10

Job 24:1 NIV

“Why does the Almighty not set times for judgment?
Why must those who know him look in vain for such days?

Job is wondering why he is being punished even in his righteousness. He wonders where and when he can present his case to God and be restored. (and this seems pretty bleak if you don’t know the end of the book, but in the end, God reveals himself and shows that he has been there all along.)

I have never been in Job’s situation, but I have had times of wondering, “where is God? Doesn’t he see me? Doesn’t he care?”
And yet, no matter how bad things are, I know that God is there. I know that he does care. I know that I don’t have to find a time to bring my case to his court, because he is always with me. He sees it all and carries and guides me through. I know these things because I have read the Bible and have read about who God is. And He is always good. I have a relationship with God, and He has shown that He can be trusted. He is good, he loves us, and he is faithful to us.
That is all I need. That memory of who he was in the past let’s me know that he will be there in the future, and that he is with me now.

LORD, may I never forget who you are. Please be with me, and remind me always of your faithfulness. And give me faith to believe that you are still good in my pain and darkness, and that your good will is being        done. Amen.


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