Wild Rivers 2010

Hey, so we had a blast at Wild Rivers yesterday!

We brought 24 people in 4 vehicles and demolished just about every water slide they had!

Highlights seemed to be the Abyss and Congo River Rapids. The key on Congo is to ride with two people backwards. Definitely the best way. Slamming into each other in line with rafts helps pass the time well. But beware of fun-hating people who may be in line near you and get annoyed when your fun enters their personal space.

Cobras, Wipeout, Bombay Blaster [even with only one side open], and Sweitzer Falls were good times as well. Nothing like your traditional raft-free slides to provide wedgies and sore backs!

Speaking of a sore back, I don’t think anyone got through the toilet-bowl-swirly slides without a bit of pain. Note to self: in the future, avoid that ride at all costs, unless tricking Junior High boys into it… they seem to like it.

The wave pool is a bust, as they seem to have taken away the spontaneous fun of rushing in between slides by closing it and adding a line. The line takes forever, and I’m not sure anyone actually suffered through to get into the wave pool. Oh well!

The lazy river is always a good time as well, but mostly for dunking, warming-up, or just resting at the end of the day. Oh, and don’t forget to race around once or twice.

If you weren’t there, you need to come next year!

If you were there, what were your favorite and least favorite parts?


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