SYATP 2010: Reveal

Do you ever feel alone on your campus? Do you sometimes feel you’re the only Christian around? Is it tough to reach out without standing out? But your heart is to reach your friends for Christ, so what do you do?

Well, what if you gathered with other Christians around the flagpole at your school on the morning of September 22 and laid this petition before God, “Father, may Your will be done on my campus as it is in heaven”?

What if all of you really meant that prayer? What if your youth pastor stood ready to help you make this a reality?

How would that change your school? How would that change the lives of your friends and fellow students?

See You at the Pole™ can provide a powerful connection between you and the other Christian students on your campus to pray and reach out all year long.

Let See You at the Pole™ be a kick-off for you to truly make a difference this year. Take your place in history with millions of other students on this Global Day of Student Prayer.


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