Summer Challenge 7/1/10

Summer Challenge: Ultimate Frisbee day.

We started off pretty good. Lots of High School Girls and Junior High Boys, but only TWO Junior High Girls! And no High School Guys. So many girls, you would think the guys would be out in force, but they’re nowhere to be seen…

Because of the skewed numbers, we played Boys Vs. Girls for Ult. Frisbee. The boys, severely outnumbered, showed heart and played like men. We won 8-2, and called it done after 45 minutes in the heat. Bonus points to the guys for being stoked on the game despite the massive outnumbering.

After a lengthy water break, we were back at the games. This time, we tried a new game involving a yo-yo and cups, but it was a disappointment . . .

So we moved on to a game that we all love: COOKIE FACE! Place an oreo on your forehead and try to get it to your mouth with no hands. It’s good fun for all, participants and spectators. Many tried, the 5-second rule was called into play repeatedly, and — after everyone had a 30 second try at it — four emerged as conquerors of the Face Cookie. Props to: Reanna, Mason, Hannah and myself (haha!).

After all was said and done, here are the standings:
HS Girls: 92,000
JH Boys: 78,000
JH Girls: 66,000
HS Boys: 62,000
[so far, the High School Girls team, “Squiley . . . Oh, Snap”, is looking good for the win, a.k.a. a free trip to Wild Rivers!]
Be there this Tuesday to play more games, see the video from Thursday, and hang out with us and Jesus!