Dead Flowers. (daily365: 01/05/10)

Yesterday’s picture. Took a walk and got this pic of dead flowers. The petals look like strips of fabric.

I’m trying to create something everyday. I was going to sketch everyday, but I’m realizing that I don’t always have a chance to sit down and draw something. I think I just need to be more disciplined…. I’ll try and at least post one sketch this week. Just one.


Puppies! daily365 (01/02/10)

So, my mom has the cutest dog ever, and the parents just had more puppies. I got to go over and take some photos. It was a lot of fun, and I got my daily creation in!

Sketch – flying heart

So I’ve been completely lame at this… I am already four days behind. Here is a post from last week that I never uploaded.

It’s just a heart with wings.

I’m gonna be stoked in like 6 months when I get better at drawing…

a leaf. (daily365 01/03/2010)

I went for a walk in Northern Nevada and decided to take my camera. I love the clean air, the great views, the rural area. It’s great to be out and just walk through creation. Plus, I get another of my daily shots in! I’ll try to post more from my walk, but here’s a daily for the 3rd.

I love the bokeh effect of the other branches being out of focus.  And the leaf kind of looks like leather.  Makes me think of recliners. Mmmm….. Peaceful.