More old sketches…

Here are some more old sketches.

I am finding it hard to sketch lately. Probably because I’m trying to force it. Oh well. Here is some stuff I did a while ago.

This is a thing I draw a lot. I think it’s because I never quite get it right, so I’m always trying again. Also, I think it looks neat.

I kind of want to have a cross like this. On a necklace or something. Sort of like a rosary, but not.

I think I saw something in Toledo, Spain that inspired this… I have seen second graders draw better. At least it’s really colorful!

I think this sketch was something relating to a sermon about setting the Holy Spirit free in your life or something…

I think I had nothing to do at some point before Christmas, and I always like those sort of abstract Christmas tree designs that just have shapes with patterns. That probably made no sense. And my sketch doesn’t help. Eh.

The point of these is really never to create amazing art as much as it is a great way to express different feelings or thoughts. And sometimes it’s just a fun way to pass the time. Better than another 20 min. on facebook, right?


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