Hiking in the snow over Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV. (daily365: 01/08/10)

I went for a hike with my mom and her friends in the snow today. It was great to get out and run through the snow, get some cool shots, and just be up in the mountains. Lots of fun!

Got a chance to shoot some macro-type stock photos out there. I love this lens, it’s a manual focus Nikon from 35+ years ago. f/1.4! Super awesome shallow depth of field.

Here’s another stock sort of image. Whenever I have this lens, I can’t help but shoot stuff like this. I need to bring different lenses and try out some new things…

I’m thinking of making up some blank greeting card sets, so some of these photos might be useful soon. We’ll see…

Here’s the view from the trail. Awesome to see Tahoe like this. It’s been too long, old friend.

More macro stuff.  It’s kind of a low snow year, so there’s a lot of foliage poking through.

My mom’s dog, Bucky. I kept missing her in the good “action” shot where she’s in the air, leaping in the snow… This one looks kinda funny, she’s just starting to leap. (In the background are two of Bucky’s siblings, Bella and Rocko. More of them to come.)

Another close up. I like this shot. It has a lot of movement, even though it’s just a tree. I love the lines curving.

This is Rocko. The dogs got a really good workout, playing and romping in the crusty, knee-deep snow.

Here’s the whole troop. I like the repeating curve from the snow line, the line of people, and the mountains in the back.

Here’s an interestingly abstract photo: two dogs fighting over a stick. The fur almost looks like the aftermath of a fireworks display.

This shot looks staged, but it was completely spontaneous. We called Bucky, and she turned around and walked between the other two. I love this one.

I like the emptiness and simplicity of this one. I think this will be a card for sure.

This is Bella. She’s jumping through snow that is up to her chest when she’s standing still.

One final view of the lake, and back to the car. Good day.

The crew. Minus me, of course… someone had to take the photo.


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