Walk in the fog. (daily365: 01/11/10)

There was some epic fog/low clouds the other day. Never got around to posting photos, so here are a few.

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More old sketches…

Here are some more old sketches.

I am finding it hard to sketch lately. Probably because I’m trying to force it. Oh well. Here is some stuff I did a while ago.

This is a thing I draw a lot. I think it’s because I never quite get it right, so I’m always trying again. Also, I think it looks neat.

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Greeting cards!

On suggestion from an admirer of my photography, I have made a few greeting cards from my photos.  They are 5×7 and open in a wide format.  The images below are the outside of the open card (14″ wide x 5″ tall). For now, they are blank inside. Here are the outside graphics. If you would like some, contact me to order: unfallenart@yahoo.com. The price will work out to about $3.00/ea.

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Sunset over the Sierra Nevadas

This is the view from my parents’ back porch.

Gotta love the sunset!

The first one was 1 sec @ f/8, the second is 2.5 sec @ f/8.

I used a manfrotto tripod to get a nice, stable shot, and f/8 so that the foreground is somewhat crisp, and so is the mountain range.

Hiking in the snow over Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV. (daily365: 01/08/10)

I went for a hike with my mom and her friends in the snow today. It was great to get out and run through the snow, get some cool shots, and just be up in the mountains. Lots of fun!

Got a chance to shoot some macro-type stock photos out there. I love this lens, it’s a manual focus Nikon from 35+ years ago. f/1.4! Super awesome shallow depth of field.

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