Z-axis poster.

I was asked to speak at this youth retreat this upcoming weekend. I’m really excited about it. It’s about breaking free from a 2-dimensional faith, and living life in an active relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. We decided to call the event Z-axis, kind of like the third dimension in design and measurement, meaning that life in the Holy Spirit would be a three-dimensional, real-world kind of life with God.

I was also asked to design the poster and logo for it. I had all of these ideas from what we had first talked about… and none of them made it into that first poster.

Honestly, the first poster I did was pretty lame. I tried this whole birds flying free thing, but it didn’t have the effect I was imagining.

Here it is:

So, being unsatisfied with that, I was inspired by some retro line art I saw in a poster. So I went back to the ideas we had at first with the name.  I wanted to have something that would represent a third dimension to the concept, and have that contrast with a flat image.

Here is what I came up with:

I think this one works much better. And is overall a far better design.

What do you think?


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