Old sketches. Part one of the daily365

I am going to try a challenge.  I am going to attempt to draw or design something new every day. I will be posting these here.

I will try to sketch something new each day. Mostly I will do this because physically drawing is not my best medium, and is therefore the most fun for the challenge. Maybe I’ll be good at this by the end of 2010.

Here are some sketches from the past.

rainbows are promises

I like to draw in church. Someone was speaking on “passages” in life, and how rainbows are God’s promise not to ever flood the earth again.

I have learned that I am no good at drawing ships…

our hearts are burning

I got the idea for this from a Hillsong United song, “Point of Difference”. “our hearts are burning, a fire that won’t burn out”

I love the sacred heart imagery, and I draw it all the time. I really liked the idea of making it our hearts burning for God, and so I drew this.

I turned the sketch into a painting that is still hanging in the youth room where I used to be a leader.  I’ll post a pic of that sometime…

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? _Mark.8.36

I drew a man who has it all, but has lost his soul/life.

All the riches in the world can’t add even a minute to your life, they’ll just make your skeleton look pretty when you’re gone.

notes/sketches from church

drawn in the dark at a bonfire.

faith can move mountains

Which are your favorites?


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